Black Tie & Boots would not be possible if not for the generous support of our sponsors.

The Texas State Society of Washington, D.C. is committed to designing and producing the most successful and highly attended inaugural ball in Washington, D.C. We invite you to collaborate with us to celebrate the historic inauguration of the President of the United States of America. The opportunities are limitless and our goal is to make this your premier sponsorship opportunity. Black Tie & Boots is the preeminent Inaugural event, featuring key leadership from throughout the state and across the nation, as well as prominent musical acts and entertainment. Black Tie & Boots works to engage our audience and we offer countless opportunities to showcase our partners. From viral campaigns to product integration, the possibilities for sponsor recognition are customizable and endless in scope. That said, the time is ideal for you to become a Black Tie & Boots Partner.

TSS is determined to ensure that the 2021 Black Tie & Boots Presidential Inaugural Ball is a Texas-sized success. Will you join us?

For questions or assistance, please contact Madison Smith at madison@texasstatesociety.org or 703-683-7500.

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